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Video download (with quality list)

  • ONE TIME PAYMENT! Unlimited downloads with no extra taxes.
For months we've heard users complain they cannot download videos and video playback is very poor in their country due to internet restrictions!

Here is the solution:

This plugin adds a stylish option for users to download videos (videos uploaded to your website!)!
The plugin requires no code edit and it's easy to install.
It comes with one option:
Restrict video download to users or premium users.
It hides the path of the download (downloads trough self php file).

The plugin ads a download icon to the list of icons under the player (just after sharing).
Clicking on this icon opens the download box where all the video qualities available are listed for download.

Guests see it, but clicking on download quality open the login pop-up.
If premium is selected and a registered user clicks on a download quality it sends him to /payment.
Single-file plugin, all code in one place.
Easy to modify. It's mobile ready as well!
  • Current major version : 1
  • Compatible with : MediaVibe CMS
  • Zip's File Size : ~ 2.87 Kb

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