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Youtube broken video manager

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How many times do checking for Youtube's deleted videos in your website has annoyed you? No more! Your time is saved!

Youtube broken video manager is a Youtube-API-less took that checks (by ajax) all the videos and gives you back your time while keeping you website clean.

The "Youtube broken video manager" can check and list Youtube videos by ajax (no need to click paginations), without using the Youtube API, not consuming your Youtube API quota.
The cron (If used) can check and unpublished automatically the broken Youtube videos (requires a lot of execution time if you have many videos!)

Installing this admin plugin is very simple
Inside the /Plugin folder you'll find a moderator folder
Upload the moderator folder to your PHPVibe Lite/MediaVibe CMS installation.
That's all! You can now use it (The link is in the admin menu).
System cron
Simply place youtube_checker.php in your PHPVibe Lite/MediaVibe CMS main folder on the server (same folder as load.php and vibe_config.php).
Setup a cron in your server/hosting to run this file at a given interval you desire (once a day, once a week). I would recommend once a week or every few days.
  • Current major version : 1
  • Compatible with : MediaVibe CMS
  • Zip's File Size : ~ 162.57 Kb

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