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Branding Removal

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The branding removal allows you to remove the powered branding on all of your licensed websites!
In the front-end (what visitors and users see) the footnote which shows what script you use will be removed.

A simple tool for effortless changing :
"Powered by phpVibe™. License to"
to whatever you wish.
It changes the footer copyright to the input of the field "Licensed to" from settings, and make the field html enabled.

This does not touch the admin copyright, just the site's footer copyright.

1.) Upload /copy/ to the folder /plugins/ (entire folder containing plugin.php , on your server it should look like /plugins/copy/plugin.php)
2.) Activate the plugin through the administration -> Plugins
3.) Edit 'licensed to' field in Settings with your new full copyright text.

That is all!

  • Current major version : 1
  • Compatible with : PHPVibe lite CMS
  • Zip's File Size : ~ 6.41 Kb

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