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BlackHub v2 Theme [Compatible up to v5.9]

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V2 : Fully compatible with MediaVibe v5.9+

Demo (Warning: 18+!)

A much requested black variation for MediaVibe's theme.
Inspired by PornHub's choice of colors.
A good choice for Adult Webmasters (xClub users).
The oranged can be replaced with any replace tool to a red, or needed color.
To install this them simply upload the theme's folder to your server in the MediaVibe root. Your site should now have /tpl/blackhub/ folder. Go to your administration, click on Settings -> Global in the menu, select this theme as your main theme. Remember to give it a "clear cache" and also clear cache in your browser.

Please know this theme is in Alpha Stage, first release. Some elements may lack styling, or have color conflicts still (or not!).

V 1.1 : Fixed category.php hardcoded prefix
  • Current major version : 2
  • Compatible with : MediaVibe CMS
  • Zip's File Size : ~ 20.75 Mb

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