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MediaVibe Video CMS has a new Slider Plugin.
This slider works with changing the embed iframes of the videos and hooks via an action in the video cms, this way it takes only a plugin file which you simply have to upload and activate it.
A settings page is available for the slider, on this page you can change the slider's heading and also the way it queries the videos.

To install simply upload the /slider folder to /plugins on your server and activate it from the "Plugins" menu in your MediaVibe administration.
After the activation you will see Settings -> Slider in your admin menu (Click Settings first).
From there you can setup the few options for the slider.
To remove/close, just deactivate the plugin from "Plugins".

Important: Due to the nature of the embeds (iframe) this cannot detect video ended and can't play next video automatically.

3.0 : Removed premium videos from query
2.0 Improved for upgrade compatibility
1.1 Fixed link problem (bad copy uploaded to store)
1.0 Initial
  • Current major version : 4
  • Compatible with : MediaVibe CMS
  • Zip's File Size : ~ 20.12 Kb

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